Better for the planet, better for your restroom

Designed in 1992 to answer the problems with traditional hand dryers and wasteful paper towels, 20+ years of Mitsubishi innovation have created the quietest, cleanest, and most energy-efficient hand dryer in its class.

The current Jet Towel is the eighth generation Mitsubishi hand dryer and builds upon the successes of previous models to ensure clean, cost-effective, and sustainable hand drying. The Jet Towel has received high praise for its unique cleanliness, industry-leading quietness, unmatched energy-efficiency, substantial cost savings, and ease of use.

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No Water Mess

A drain tank safely contains water for easy cleaning at the end of the day. No water running down the walls or pooling on the floor.


In every head-to-head comparison, the Jet Towel has been declared the quietest dryer and a lower airspeed reduces sound by 3dB for extremely noise-conscious locations.

Energy Efficient

At 730 watts, the motor in the Jet Towel is at least 40% more efficient than the motors of other hands-in dryers. Mitsubishi’s premium on efficiency means that even with the heater turned on the Jet Towel still uses less electricity than unheated dryers.

Cost Effective

The Jet Towel costs only $25 per year to operate, 98% less cost than using paper towels. The average ROI for the Jet Towel is 12 months.


Touchless operations keep hands clean and anti-bacterial additives maintain sanitary conditions at all times of the day.

Easy to Use

Special sensor placement and a continuous 3” wide opening enable everyone to use the dryer easily at one height.

ADA Compliant

At the recommended mounting height of 37” (measured from the top of the dryer), the Jet Towel meets all ADA regulations, saving space and opening design options.

Fast Dry Time

Two jets of warm 237 mph air dry hands in 10 seconds. No more waiting for 40 seconds or more to dry hands.

Heated Air

The Jet Towel warms air to a comfortable 95˚ F instead of relying on wasted heat from an inefficient motor.

Less Waste

Replacing paper towels with the Jet Towel reduced the average restroom waste output by 1,800 pounds per year.

Contributes to LEED Points

By eliminating paper towel waste, the Jet Towel helps any building looking to acquire LEED certification.

Made in Japan

All Jet Towels are made in Japan following Mitsubishi’s stringent quality standards of MEQ - Mitsubishi Electric Quality.

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryer Makes Every Restroom Cleaner