Dry Hands. Dry Floor.

Other hand dryers spill water onto the floors and walls after drying, creating health and safety hazards. Keep your restrooms clean with the Mitsubishi Jet Towel.

Many other dryers match the dry time of the Jet Towel, but few provide the same level of cleanliness. Every Jet Towel features a drain tank to safely contain 800 uses worth of water for easy cleaning at the end of the day. Cleaning takes less than a minute and ensures consistent cleanliness throughout the day.

After washing, the average pair of hands is coated with 1 ml of water. An average restroom hand dryer (200 uses per day), then, removes 4/5 of a cup of water every day; water that other hand dryers spill onto the walls.

Water will run down the sides of the dryer and onto the floor, where evaporated water trails create prime conditions for mold and bacterial growth. As use increases, water damage and pooling on the floor becomes more severe that without frequent cleaning damage to walls and floors require frequent scrubbing to maintain a clean appearance and safe hand drying area.

Never a Problem with the Jet Towel

Water damage and the associated risks are never a problem with the Jet Towel, as water is safely contained in a drain tank for easy removal at the end of the day, or whenever the custodial staff attends to the restroom.

The high premium placed on cleanliness with the Jet Towel has influenced restroom design around the globe as well, creating a flowing, logical new design flow to restrooms as seen here.