Wasteful & Costly vs. Green & Cost Effective

Compared to paper towels, the Jet Towel® costs 98% less to operate and represents 85% less impact on our environment. Where paper towels dispensers contribute to waste paper thrown on the floor, the Jet Towel® keeps a clean and sanitary environment at all times.

Paper Towels

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel®

  • Costly
  • Wastes Resources
  • Messy
  • Can Run Out
  • High Maintenance
  • Large Environmental Impact
  • Non-recyclable
  • Low Cost
  • No Waste
  • Clean
  • Always Available
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Environment Impact
  • Recyclable Components

Restrooms using the Mitsubishi Jet Towel® show a dedication to reducing precious resources, lowering operating costs, and maintain a clean restroom for users.


A typical paper towel dispenser costs $1,700 per year to operate and as the price of production, materials, and transportation increase paper towels will only become more expensive. For the cost of one sheet of paper towel - $0.012 – the Jet Towel® can dry 54 pairs of hands!


Per Use

1 Year Total

2 Year Total

3 Year Total

4 Year Total

5 Year Total

Paper Towels







Jet Towel®







Beyond these costs, facilities save money through reduced waste disposal fees and money saved by not purchasing liner bags.

To see your savings, visit our cost savings calculator.


One paper towel dispenser creates 1,800 pounds of waste per year, waste that cannot be recycled thank to the short fibers typically used in paper towel processing. For c-fold towels, that equals a stack of towels 82 feet high; for roll towel that would create a continuous path stretching 25 miles.

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Paper towels don’t always end up in the waste basket. Many end up on the floor, creating a messy and unsightly restroom for users. By removing paper towels, the Jet Towel® keeps the floor clean form paper towel mess and eliminates the concern of paper towels crammed in toilets. With the Jet Towel®, there is also no concern about washing your hands only to find an empty dispenser.

* Calculations based on 2 sheets of paper towel per use or an 11” paper towel length for roll dispensers (factory default). Usage assumes 200 hand dries per day 365 days per year. Jet Towel® figures calculated at an electric cost of $0.0995 per kilowatt and a 10-second dry time.